Bowel Screening

Bowel Screening is offered to men and women aged 50-74, every two years, across Scotland to help find bowel cancer early when it can often be cured.

You're 14 times more likely to survive bowel cancer if it is found early.

Half a million people in Scotland do their bowel screening test each year.

For useful information on bowel screening please watch the video below or click the link to NHS Inform:

Bowel Screening Video

Bowel Screening Information (NHS Inform)

If you have not received your kit or have lost the kit you can order a new one by contacting the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre Helpline on 0800 0121 833 or texting 18001 0800 0121 833.

If you have any questions regarding bowel screening or are concerned that you have symptoms related to your bowel then please do not hesitate to contact one of the Doctors at the Practice.

Cervical Screening


Did you know HPV causes 99% of all cervical cancers? Your smear test now screens for HPV. HPV testing is more effective, that’s why if no HPV is found it’s safe to wait 5 years between tests. Visit for more information.

Did you know that 1 in 2 people who learn they have HPV don't know what it is? We want to see that change, so that fewer people feel confused or worried when they learn that they have HPV. Ready to get the facts with @JoTrust? Visit for more information.

The ‘Don’t ignore it’ campaign - for more info information on cervical screening and tips around the appointment itself visit


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