You should see a Dentist about problems relating to you teeth or mouth. Riccarton Dental Practice is located within the Health Centre at Heriot Watt University. You can also find your local Dentist by entering your postcode at


For problems relating to your eyes, patients are advised to see an Optician. You should contact them urgently if you have blurring of vision or pain in your eye. You can find you local Optician by entering your postcode at


The Practice has a visiting private Physiotherapist. Fees and appointment details available at our reception. 

Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership has re-introduced MSK ADULT PHYSIOTHERAPY self-referral for Edinburgh patients.  As with previous local self referral system the guidelines are:


  • Self referral is  ROUTINE out-patients physiotherapy appointment only
  • They can only accept referrals from patients from Edinburgh GP Practices
  • People can refer themselves for ONE problem only
  • As before, home visits can only be arranged with a GP referral
  • Please note that only adults 16 years of age or over can self-refer


For continence problems and walking aid referrals, Please use a separate self-referral form which can be accessed at the same link below.


Collars, wrist splints, knee braces, maternity belts etc cannot be routinely provided.

You will need to complete and send a self-referral form. Completed forms to be sent to:

Physiotherapy Department

Slateford Medical Centre

27 Gorgie Park Close


EH14 1NQ

If your referral is not suitable for physiotherapy we will contact you to let you know. For advice and self-care information that can help muscle and joint problems, visit

NHS Physio Self Referral Form


The Practice has a visiting private Podiatrist. Fees and appointment details available at our reception. Alternatively for problems related to your feet you can self refer to an NHS Podiatrist by filling out a form which you can download here: self referral form for podiatry or a copy is available from our reception desk. You can do this without seeing your GP.


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